Disneyland Pinball Game by Wolverine Toy

Who doesn’t like a game of pinball? But who has room in their home for a full-size version? Not me!

So I was delighted to find this fun table version with a Disneyland theme:

Disneyland Game and Main Street U.S.A.

Tinkerbell is on hand to help you with a little pixie dust. Is that cheating?

Six balls. Six point ledges. Five spinners. Two peg mazes. And one bell. All available to help the player obtain hundreds of points! Simply prop the game up on a table and pull the plunger for hours of fun. Yes, it’s just that addictive!

Specifications: Measures approximately 23 1/2″ tall by 13 1/2″ wide by 1″ thick.

Mickey with Balloons

Mickey shows us just how much fun we can have! And perhaps much of the fun for a Disney fan will come from the great graphics. So let’s have a closer look at them:


One of two appearances by everyone’s favorite pachyderm. Here he flies over Sleeping Beauty Castle, being ridden by Jiminy Cricket, no less!

Not all of the images represent Lands from the Park. Some represent attractions:

Pirate Ship

When the Park opened there was an area called Skull Rock complete with a full-sized pirate ship. It was featured in the opening day broadcast. Sadly it sails no more and the area it inhabited has since been repurposed.

Dumbo Ride

The full name of this attraction is the Dumbo the Flying Elephant and it is an aerial carousel-style ride. And Pluto is there too!


And we’re back to the Lands again with Adventureland and the world-famous Jungle Cruise.

Primeval World of the Dinosaurs

Where can you find this attraction? You’ll need to board the Disneyland Railroad for a tour around the Magic Kingdom. Along the way you’ll enter a time tunnel and return to the era of the dinosaurs! But you better hurry before Pluto eats all of the bones!


Here we have an extinct attraction: The PeopleMover. It closed in 1995, so we know that this pinball game was manufactured and sold before that year.


I guess here we have a Land mentioned but an attraction shown. The Mark Twain plies the waters of our game through Frontierland.

Can we more accurately date this game? We can date it earlier than 1995 because it’s stamped with the Walt Disney Productions trademark which was used only up until 1986. We can date the game as being still earlier as the Pirate Ship began its final voyage into history around 1981, being completely gone from the Park in 1982.

Sometimes you have to cheat when dating an item. So by looking on the Internet, I found an eBay seller who claims our game was made in 1967. Most other sellers agree it is at least from the 1960’s. But it’s more fun to play amateur detective! Speaking of eBay Sellers, if you want one of these wonderful games for yourself, they are presently offered for between $25-50 US.

I have found most versions have the six white balls, but one version I found did have two additional black balls. Perhaps these balls would double your points?

There is a lot to say about the Wolverine Toy company. So much that I think it would be easier to send you over to the John Heinz History Center for all you need to know. Click the link and enjoy the comprehensive article!

The Wolverine Toy company produced many of these pinball games. Like most companies, they would license IPs and produce the same toy but with different images to represent the characters in question. But my favorites are always the Disney ones!

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