Commercial Artwork and Caricatures

Although I was planning a career in the Arts, that didn’t pan out for me. But over the years I have dabbled a bit in commercial art. In the mid-80’s I worked for a small town newspaper supplying all of their advertising art.

Later I did some freelance work for an independent publisher and the image below was the result:

Public Speaking Booklet – circa 1990’s

As a professional speaker myself, this project was near and dear to my heart! I riffed on the idea of preaching from a soapbox and drew an actual bar of soap lecturing from on top of a box. A little on the nose but I think it worked for the younger audience it was intended for.

While still in college I often found myself with time on my hands while in class. I was prolific and so was usually done projects early and in need of something else to draw. My classmate Martin became an unsuspecting subject:

Martin – 1984

I remember trying to be discreet while capturing his profile but he noticed my constant glances in his direction and finally turned towards me and yelled ‘What?!?’ in front of the whole class! We all laughed when he realized what I was doing.

Around this time I sketched voraciously! Most of it was good for my development as an artist but not very worthy of sharing. But sometimes I would be inspired and create something special, like a celebrity caricature:

Mick Jagger – 1987

I’m not sure Mick was ever this ripped, but I was still in a superhero phase at the time!

I wish I had more time to enjoy creating works of art today, but life has a tendency to get in the way! Now my creative endeavors tend towards blogging, photography, and writing, with public speaking being my main outlet.

But who knows what the future will hold?

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