Lady and the Tramp Disney Store Lithographs

The Disney Store has given away many sets of lithographs over the years to promote the video releases of selected animated classics, such as Lady and the Tramp.

If you pre-ordered the movie through a Disney Store, you would get a free set of related images in a paper sleeve or, in this case, a hard glossy folder. Some prints are rendered on good quality paper and others… not so much. The best are rendered on a thick pulp paper stock, the next quality level is thick gloss paper, and the lowest level is thin gloss paper which tends to wrinkle with time. Lady and the Tramp got the second level.

Most of these sets contained four prints, with some having six. As we shall see, Lady has the more standard four-print run.

As mentioned, most sets were simply put inside a themed paper envelope. But this set is wrapped in a wonderful hard glossy folder. We’ll reveal the coolest feature of the folder later, but for now, let’s look at the cover image:

Cover of Folder

This cover features an iconic moment from the film when Tramp is showing Lady the wonders of being free. They overlook the city and are beginning to feel an attraction for each other.

But that gets us ahead of the story told by the first print. Let’s have a look:

Unwanted Houseguests

This scene is now considered controversial and I believe is even edited from the release on Disney+ (but I could be wrong on that). If you look beyond the cultural insensitivity, it was a well-animated scene that helped to move the plot along, to wit, getting Lady removed from the house.

First Date

Shortly after removing Lady’s muzzle, Tramp begins to show her around ‘his’ city. And when it’s time to eat:

Tony’s World-Famous Spaghetti Dinner

A prelude to perhaps one of cinemas greatest first kisses!

The last image depicts the all’s-well-that-ends-well moment of the movie:

Tramp joins the Pack

Each print is suitable for framing in an 11″ x 14″ format.

But now we end with a look at the coolest feature of the folder itself. If a folder is used, it tends to open up to reveal a backdrop from the movie. Like so:

Configuration One

The prints fit in behind the table flap and you can see where the folder would then fold down over them at the upper crease to complete the package. But if you fold down the flap containing the image of the table, you get more:

Configuration Two

The table has now been removed. Just like in the movie because Tony and his employee had to bring the table and fixings out into the back alley for the pups.

The time for such promotions is numbered as more people buy their movies from streaming services like Disney+ and others. But while digital codes are convenient, they just can’t match the magic of getting a freebie like lithographs!

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