‘The Happiest Millionaire’ Movie Soundtrack

Pet alligators roaming the conservatory, a Bible-and-boxing school in the stables, and a delightfully eccentric millionaire make for unrestrained pandemonium in this musical Disney extravaganza! Fred MacMurray presides over a Philadelphia mansion where just about anything can happen!

This is one of the last feel-good movies that Walt Disney was able to personally oversee before his death. When he died on December 15, 1966, the film’s first cut had already been completed. But more edited was needed and the final film wasn’t released until July 10th, 1968.

I think if Walt had seen it, he would have loved it! It remains one of my all-time favorite live-action Disney movies, and I am pleased to share this Soundtrack album with you:

Although the movie starred Fred MacMurray, he is not prominently portrayed on the cover. He does appear twice though: Once to the left as he boxes, and again in the center as he sings. It is appropriate that Tommy Steele is front and center as he does most of the heavy lifting in the film.

Next, and also prominently portrayed on the cover, are Lesley Ann Warren and John Davidson as they dance the night away!

This is a double-fold album in that it opens up to reveal a picture ‘book’ inside containing pictures from the movie and some song lyrics. Let’s have a look:

We start with a credits page on the left and a brief synopsis of the story on the right.

Fortuosity is the opening number from the film and is definitely a stand-out song on the album. Next, on the right, we have two songs ‘sung’ by Fred MacMurray. Why is sung in quotes? Because MacMurray can’t sing!

If you listen to his numbers, you’ll realize that he is simply talking melodically to music. There’s a difference! But he does a good job and these songs move the story along.

On the left, Lesley Ann Warren gets her establishing song while Tommy Steele jumps in again on the right with another romping ditty, this time about his heritage.

Lesley Ann Warren is finally off to school and gets a funny song about growing up and stepping out. On the right she has met John Davidson and they dance.

Next it’s John Davidson who gets his establishing song as he dreams of moving to and working in Detroit. While on the right, Tommy Steele gets caught between two generations of money while they ‘politely’ insult one another!

Tommy Steele is definitely a delight in this film! Above he is leading an entire bar full of men in a rousing drinking song.

Walt visited the set off and on and enjoyed mixing with the cast. This is a great image of the man behind the magic surrounded by the people who helped to make it happen.

This soundtrack was released on Disney’s adult Buena Vista Records label.

And that brings us to the end, or back cover.

Many Disney movies are not only entertaining for the acting and stories, but often add the extra element of music and song. Adding these soundtracks to your collection will most certainly be rewarding! If you own a record player.

FUN FACTS: Why buy old vinyl? While it’s true you can get the main songs on CD or iTunes, you can only get the entire picture in music by buying the old vinyl records. Many of these old live-action soundtracks simply aren’t available in other formats.

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