Mickey Mouse ‘Through the Years’ Coasters

Mickey Mouse has certainly played a lot of roles throughout the years! From his debut in 1928 to the present, there are no limits to his acting range.

This wonderful set of drink coasters feature just a few of the highlights in the illustrious career of everyone’s favorite mouse:

Steamboat Willie needs no elaboration. Mickey as a Band Leader (1935) featured his fun and feisty side while the Brave Little Tailor (1938) showed him at his plucky best!

By 1940 Mickey had started to struggle and needed a big role to boost his star and found it in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. But perhaps it was his role as the Neat & Pretty MC for the Mickey Mouse Club that re-endeared him to millions of children the world over!

Below we see him in another role for the Mickey Mouse Club. However, I don’t remember him wearing this costume for the actual show in 1955:

The copyright is ‘Disney’ which has been used for too wide a range of years to be useful in dating these coasters.

Cork Backing

These appear to be made of a hardened cardboard material coated with a lacquer finish over a cork backing for slip resistance.

Is there a role that you feel should have been included in this set?

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