Woody’s Roundup Real-Working Marionettes

I’m not a big sequel fan but Toy Story 2 definitely went a looooong way to making me a believer in revisiting popular characters! Many say that it was better than the original Toy Story and I’m hard pressed to disagree. But now it’s a franchise with, in my opinion, one-too-many trips to the old western well.

The best part of Toy Story 2 for me was the introduction of the Woody’s Roundup TV Show. And I went gaga when I saw all of the fake merchandise up on the screen! Thankfully, many pieces of said merchandise didn’t stay in the fictional universe of Pixar, but made their way to real toy stores, and then… on to my toy shelf:

As Seen on TV !

This set of marionettes that feature Woody and Bullseye are amazing! The packaging makes for an excellent display with the TV set backdrop just finishing the whole presentation.

I’m only missing Jessie to complete my set. But I haven’t been able to find her listed on any selling site, including the all-encompassing eBay!

So Woody pulled strings to run the bad guys out of town and Bullseye pulled his strings to ride the range. I wonder what Jessie did when she pulled her strings?

Bottom of Boxes

These toys were made by Mattel. “You can tell it’s Mattel… It’s swell!” So who remembers that famous slogan? Of course, I always thought it was a strange saying when trying to sell real-action guns to children, but…

A closer look at the marionettes themselves shows the level of detail. They are made to look like cloth puppets with thin limbs and I just love the strings! And could Bullseye be any cuter?

Unboxed (image from eBay)

The best part of collecting is the hunt! So I’m happy enough to know that there is yet one piece to this set still out there for me to find. And I will find it! Someday.

Hey Howdy Hey! Check me out wearing Woody’s iconic cowboy hat here!

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