Mickey Mouse with Scooter Figurine and Ornament

Back on June 30th of 2013 we were treated to the third episode of the Mickey Mouse cartoons rendered in a new but controversial style. It was called Croissant de Triomphe and featured a plot where Minnie’s Café runs out of croissants, Mickey must deliver them to her fast, fighting wild traffic and other obstacles across Paris! Of course Mickey succeeds, and the episode ends with Mickey’s scooter beeping triumphantly as he winks his right eye.

I think that the unnamed Scooter is the true breakout star of this Short! He is plucky, cute, and a delight to watch. So when my wife was looking for something to buy me for our wedding anniversary, the figurine below was a no-brainer:

“Love Can Take Us Anywhere”


This figurine was released in 2016 by Precious Moments as part of the Disney Showcase Collection.

Cutesy, Cutesy

Huggy, Huggy

Bottom of Figurine and Labeling

Precious Moments still produces a full line of Disney-themed figurines which you can see by visiting www.preciousmoments.com.

The Disney Store is no slouch when it comes to precious figurines! The ornament below came out in 2015 as part of the Sketchbook Ornament collection:

This is patterned after the same cartoon Short as the Precious Moments figurine above. You can see that it has some finishing issues, obviously due to its mass production.

Unlike the Precious Moments figurine again, this rendition includes the rear basket complete with a tasty supply of croissants, although they look more like baguettes to me!

I love these little Scooter pieces and hope that I can find many more versions of this cutesy guy! For a few more images of this ornament and detail on the origins of the character, please see my earlier post here.

As a side point, do you like the new animated version of Mickey? Or do you feel it’s too far removed from the traditional look?

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