Pandora Disney Charms: Castle and Orange Bird

We’ve decided to make our wedding anniversary last all year with the gift giving just going on and on and on and…

My wife has a nice little bracelet full of Disney-themed Pandora charms. She started it while working for a jewellery store (she told me it was required wearing for staff. Right!) and for some reason has had to add to it even after leaving the jewellery store years ago. Am I being played here?

Either way, I like the charms too. So recently we bought two more:

The first one is a couple standing before the iconic Disney Castle. On the back it says ‘Forever’. Definitely a nice sentiment when commemorating a wedding anniversary! It reminds us of our first trip to Walt Disney World back in 2006. Every charm on the bracelet harkens to a memory.

Both of these charms were purchased from and came in this little envelope-style packaging.

I’ve always loved the little Orange Bird and have quite a large collection of eclectic merchandise featuring the thoughtful character. And now I sort of have a charm. But not really, It’s my wife’s charm. Yes, dear.

Do you collect Pandora charms? You can check out the official website here.

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