Mickey Mouse Back Scratchers from Walt Disney World

“You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” That famous offer has been made for centuries. But what if you’re alone? How will that itch that’s just out of reach be scritched?

Walt Disney World merchandising has your back, literally, with these wonderful and colourful Back Scratchers. Yet, I think something is amiss…

Seeing double?

No, you’re not seeing double! This is a case of the same piece of merchandise being released at different times with slight changes. As we will see, usually a product like this is switched to a different manufacturer, and thus we see a change in design.

The back scratcher on the left is the older of the two. It has an engraving stating that it was manufactured in Hong Kong. The back scratcher on the right states: Made in China. The ‘vintage’ Mickey is heavier and has yellowed, while the ‘modern’ Mickey is lighter and has retained its original colouring.

The actual sculpt is identical, front and back, but the colouring is different. While the gloves and face may have faded with a patina, it is unlikely that the shoes would have changed colour so drastically. So why Mickey changed his shoes from brown to yellow is anyone’s guess!

Another difference is in the labels on the back. The ‘vintage’ Mickey has only a price tag presumably showing a retail code and the $1.50 cost plus tax.

Vintage Price Tag

The ‘modern’ Mickey has the sticker that appeared later when Disney amalgamated their Theme Park merchandise into one line. This is a strange thing to do with an item like this one as it is clearly branded as a Walt Disney World product!

“Modern” Label featuring both Parks

No matter how heavy or what colour, both of these back scratchers have seen action in my household. And I can confirm: They work!

I love finding different variations of the same collectible. Could there be a third or fourth version of this back scratcher out there? It’s just too exciting to contemplate!

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    I have this witch according to your article it is a combination of the two back scratchers

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