Pixar’s UP Cookie Jar with Balloons

And the wedding anniversary buying continues with something for me this time. Last time we saw two Pandora charms for the wife. So in the spirit of equal time, we visited shopDisney.com again and found this wonderful cookie jar:

Very colourful and playful and missing only the rickety old porch that Russell gets trapped on when Carl Fredricksen takes to the skies in his Balloon Dirigible.

Hard to spot in the pictures, but this is the only cookie jar I have that has a plastic seal to keep the cookies fresh. Carl is turning out to be quite the innovator in more ways than one!

This concludes our tour of the outside of the house. For a more detailed viewing, please contact your local Real Estate Agent. I can give you a brief glimpse of the inside:

The bottom of the jar sports the iconic Disney Castle logo and lists shopDisney as the ‘company’ producing and selling the item. So I believe that makes this merchandise a shopDisney.com exclusive.

For more cookie jars, please check out my José Carioca and Disneyland 40th Anniversary Castle pieces. Thanks, and enjoy!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish inflating my balloons. Carl has a head start and I want to beat him to Paradise Falls!

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