Bronze Mickey Drink Coaster – Walt Disney World

Disney likes to stay with what works when it comes to merchandising. Small and inexpensive souvenirs have been a mainstay at the Parks and an obvious money maker for the Mouse!

Bronze keepsakes proliferated in the early days of Walt Disney World and on into the late 1980’s. Everything from figurines, coins, keychains, and yes, coasters, were offered for sale:

Mickey in a Tux in front of Cinderella Castle is an unusual pairing, as we don’t often see Mickey dressed up on a piece of merchandise unless it’s to celebrate an anniversary of some kind.

Walt Disney Productions – Made in Canada

This would have been sold sometime before 1986 which is when merchandise stopped having the ‘Walt Disney Productions’ stamp.

You can see a similar piece by visiting an earlier post on this site entitled Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Medallion Coin. It appears to be made of a like material and so gives a good idea of the diversity of this type of inexpensive merchandise mentioned at the outset.

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