WonderGround Gallery Special Edition PARTNERS Statue

One of the first things you will see when you look down Main Street in Disneyland is the famous Partners Statue which stands just in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. You can see my wife and I standing just in front of the statue below:

Disneyland 2013

Partners is a 1993 copper statue by Blaine Gibson (February 11, 1918 – July 5, 2015) depicting Walt Disney holding the hand of the most popular character he created, Mickey Mouse. The statue is 6 feet 5 inches tall, not including the base.

Another artist has recently reinterpreted the statue into a 7″ vinyl figure for the WonderGround Gallery:

Dave Perillo describes himself as “a freelance Illustrator and designer based out of the Philly burbs.” He has this to say about his artwork: “My retro art style developed from my love of the mid-century modern aesthetic. I’m inspired by Walt Disney, Mary Blair, Charles Schultz, Jim Flora, Ray Harryhausen, Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Henson, Hanna Barbera,  1950’s Sci-Fi Movies, The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and character advertising icons.”

You can click the link above to visit his website and see images depicting properties from Disney to the heavy metal band Metallica! Here is a little sample of his Disney poster art:

If you like Shag, you’ll probably like Perillo! And now back to the subject of this post:

This is another example of how the packaging is as fun as the object inside!

This figurine is hollow and thus very light.

I love the cartoony take on the subject matter! Walt especially is fun although I’m not sure where Perillo was going with the blue mustache. Maybe it was to match his tie?

If you do decide to take the figurine out of the package you will find a nice, colourful backdrop featuring a stylized version of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Kind of has a Mary Blair feel, which would be appropriate, as she is one of his influences.

This was a nice find on shopDisney for just $29.99 US.

WonderGround Gallery at the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim features original and limited-edition Disney-inspired artwork and unique home décor items. In case you were wondering!

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