Disney’s Rocketeer Action Figures, Ornament, and Dorbz

The Rocketeer is a fictional superhero (as compared to the real ones?) that appeared in comic books originally published by Pacific Comics. Created by writer/artist Dave Stevens, the character first appeared in 1982 and is a homage to the Saturday matinee serial heroes from the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

I first got hooked on this guy when I saw the 1991 movie starring Bill Campbell as the helmet-wearing flyer. I thought Walt Disney Pictures did a fair job but the box office wasn’t so charitable. Still, it spawned a slew of merchandise, some of which I will share with you now:

The Money Shot

This is a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. It certainly captures the dynamic nature of the character. I also like the level of detail in the sculpt which highlights the almost Steam Punk design of the costume.

Imagine seeing this puss coming at you? It might just cause you to reconsider some of your life decisions, especially if you were a crook!

Next I have something that has never been out of its blister pack:

Bend-ems are smaller action figures made out of a stretchy material. This one has a cool rocket pack accessory! A very nice job, both with the figure and the packaging, by JusToys. You can enlarge and read a little blurb about the Rocketeer above, right. You can also read a more detailed post about this item here.

And now for the adorable Dorbz:

First we had Funko Pop! and now we have Dorbz and many other plastic/vinyl figurines on the market. I have many Funko Pop! figures and a couple Dorbz figures. I bought two of the Rocketeer because I love the packaging so much I didn’t want to open it. So I bought a second one to play with… err, display. Yeah, it’s just for display.

I don’t know much about this last action figure:

The head turns and that’s about it! It’s made of a light-weight plastic and isn’t posable. It stands about 9″ tall (compared to the Bend-ems 6″) and won’t stand on its own.

I also have a Pacific comic book and a Tin Sign featuring the Rocketeer. Yes, I am a bit obsessed with him!

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