Monsters Inc. Disney Store Lithographs

Once more we have some wonderful lithographs to share with you. The Disney Store strikes again with a set of four prints depicting scenes from the 2001 Pixar film Monsters Inc.

Let’s get right into it with the folder itself:

Folder Closed

Not all of these sets come with such colourful and fun folders. But when they do, the Disney Store usually goes all out to impress us! This particular folder has the most features I’ve seen of any of the promotional sets.

Case in point, note the two side fold-outs which appear after you open the folder:

Side Fold-Outs Opened

By comparing the pictures above with the picture below, you can see that Sulley and Boo are behind the purple door on the left, and Mike Wazowski is behind the peach door on the right.

Folder Open

The prints themselves sit behind the smaller doors in the middle of the folder, shown above.

Now let’s look at the prints themselves:

Set of Four Prints

This is a nice assortment of images of the characters. The cast print seems to be created for this set with the other prints being ‘screen shots’ from the film itself.

Again, you would only be able to obtain these if you pre-ordered the Monsters Inc. movie through the Disney Store.

Unfortunately, this set of prints was produced on extremely low-grade paper and so you can see how they have wrinkled and yellowed over time. Still, they make a nice keepsake! To see more lithographs that I have from the Disney Store, simply type ‘lithograph’ in the ‘Search’ box. You’ll be glad you did!

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