Snow White Themed HI-HO DINER in Windsor, ON

Remember back in the day when Walt Disney was just starting out? Remember when it was fairly easy to get the rights to use Disney Characters? Well, have I got a case-in-point for you!

The Hi-Ho Diner (sign pictured above) looks like a vintage 50’s roadside restaurant. Inside, it still has the chrome and red vinyl from that period. But what caught my eye when I first sited the place was the overt use of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs. They even had a Grumpy Burger! I had to check this out:

Website Main Page

According to the little blurb with the menu, they do actually have the legal right to use the characters, including Snow White. From what I remember, the original owner simply wrote a letter asking for permission… and got it! For free! Proof positive it never hurts to ask.

I had the famous Grumpy Burger and it was delicious! But you can see that they also have a Dopey Burger, seen below:

Burger Meal does NOT come with Grumpy Figurine

The menu has a few illustrations featuring the Seven Dwarfs:

It’s off to EAT we go!

And when you’re finished your main course, don’t forget dessert:

Where’s Snow White?

I recommend the Pecan Pie!

They currently have three locations in Windsor, Ontario. I’ve visited two of them. You can check out their website to see the complete menu and the locations of each restaurant. And if you’re ever in this neck of the Canadian woods, look me up, and we’ll visit the Northern Retreat of the Seven Dwarfs together!

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