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The Emperor’s New Groove Coffee Mug with Swivel Feature

In the year 2000, Disney released The Emperor’s New Groove, a little movie nobody knew how to take. I loved it! The general idea is that Emperor Kuzco is turned into a llama by his ex-administrator Yzma, and must now … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Walt Disney – His Life in Pictures

Publisher: Disney Press Year: 2009 Pages: 66 Type: Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4231-2105-3 “We wanted to keep him to ourselves.” – Diane Disney Miller Wouldn’t you? Thankfully for the world at large Walt Disney’s children didn’t get their wish! The man, husband, and father was shared and … Continue reading

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Pixar’s UP Pencil Holder with 6 Pencils

A quick trip to the Disney Store added several new items to my collection. My wife and I really enjoyed the Pixar movie UP but have found that it doesn’t always get as well represented in the merchandise department as … Continue reading

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Large Peanuts SNOOPY Throw Pillow

Although my collection is quite varied, it does contain mostly Disney merchandise. But if there is one non-Disney character that can sneak in and find a place in The Happiest Collection on the Internet, it’s Snoopy! Hallmark wins again with … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauty View-Master Reels with Story Booklet

Hopefully you’ve had a good night’s sleep so that you can stay awake for this post. Because our subject is someone who’s known to have trouble staying awake. And if she yawns, we’ll all nod off! Walt Disney’s 16th animated … Continue reading

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Jiminy Cricket Wax or Chalk Figurine

I can’t in good conscience claim to know much about this figurine. But when I get in trouble like this and don’t know what information is right from wrong, I give a little click on the Internet and it usually … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Disney Character Tankard Series

When you think of drinking out of a stein or tankard you might think of Germany. Octoberfest is a fun time where beer flows freely and interesting drinking goblets abound! But the tankard I’m featuring in this post is from … Continue reading

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Disney Store Mickey LEADER OF THE CLUB Sculpture

“Who’s the Leader of the club that’s made for you and me?” Okay, only one guess, because it’s just too easy! Mickey Mouse has had so many roles over the course of his career that it’s hard to pick the … Continue reading

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Lightbulb-shaped Table Lamp and Floor Lamp

I’m always looking for something different to decorate my humble abode with. It may be a piece of furniture. It may be a collectible. It may even be a bright red Rocket Ship Lamp. Or it may also be a … Continue reading

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The Disneyland Game – Family Fun in the Magic Kingdom

So what colour do you want? Me, I like red! Yes folks, it’s Game Night tonight, and you’re invited to play the Happiest Game on Earth. The Disneyland Game – Family Fun in the Magic Kingdom is an easy but … Continue reading

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