Lilo and Stitch Disney Store Lithographs

This offering from the Disney Store went above and beyond when it came to designing the cover folder. Lilo & Stitch was set in Hawaii and featured cultural things like dance, festivals, and of course, surfing!

So for the release of the animated classic Lilo & Stich, not only did we get four prints depicting scenes from the movie, but also an ʻeʻehia cover folder as well! Let’s have a look:

Folder Cover

The beginnings of a surf board are just behind the title and we also have a very nice floral print.

Folder Completely Opened

With the folder completely open we can see the full shape of the surf board. The prints fit in behind the sand dune.

Now let’s have a look at the prints:

Stitch wearing a polka-dot bra as a hat was a very funny moment in the film! I can’t remember any winter scenes in the movie, but wasn’t there a collage of photographs over the closing credits? Maybe the winter scene came from those.

These prints are rendered on mid-grade paper suitable for framing, but not gallery quality, by any standard.

Folder Partially Opened to reveal Surf Board

Finally we have the surf board in all its glory. Now everyone is ka heʻe nalu ʻana, dude! And just what are they doing, you ask? For the answer, check out the picture on the left, below:

Yup, everyone is surfing! Sheesh, you all need to swat up on your Hawaiian. And for your next language lesson, do you remember the Hawaiian word for family? If you answered ʻohana, not only are you right, but you obviously understand the powerful moment from the movie being depicted in the print above, on the right.

To conclude, let’s have a look at the back of the folder:

Back of Folder

Stitch was a rascal until he experienced unconditional love for the first time. Nothing like a honi to perk a person up! Come on now, I don’t have to interpret that one for ya, do I?

Oh, are you still wondering what ʻeʻehia meant? Well, it’s simply awesome, dude! A HUI HOU (goodbye!)

FUN FACTS: Farewell or goodbye in Hawaiian is alsoaloha.” It is a common word used by those leaving. It can also be used as a greeting for hello. However the deeper meaning of aloha is love. Used by one who is departing, aloha makes no distinction as to when and if that person is returning.

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