Mickey Band Leader Pulsating Light Sword

Disney is always looking for ways to ‘plus’ the Theme Park experience for its guests. So over the years we have seen innovations that have made parades, firework shows, and other attractions more interactive. Most recently, synchronized Mickey Ears were introduced that flash in concert with music being played during a Castle show.

But the piece of merchandise I’m sharing today is ‘old school’. They have re-released versions of this item but not with the level of detail and quality found originally. Let’s have a look:

Fully Extended

This toy has an extendable ‘blade’ that shoots out with just a flick of the wrist. Once out, you can activate a pulsating light display by pushing the yellow switch on the front, upwards.

This model is vintage and so has some obvious wear. But it is both heavier and uses thicker plastic for the ‘blade’ than the newer versions.

Top View showing Collapsing Tube

The ‘blade’ telescopes down into the body of the hilt when not in use. The body is just 11″ but with the ‘blade’ extended, the toy grows to a full 28″.

I shot a quick video to show the Light Sword pulsing, both with the lights on and off:

Video of Light Sword in Action!

Who says kids have to have all the fun?!?

So who remembers, back in the old days, when you had to buy some type of light toy to wave around during a parade, fireworks show, or other event? I know you still can, but it seems to be less common now, what with the newer technology taking over. Or maybe Disney is afraid of a Light Sword war breaking out! Star Wars… eat your heart out!

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