FUNKO Disney Princess Romance Series – Rapunzel

Who doesn’t like a little romance? Disney Princesses have traditionally dreamed of meeting a Prince and living happily ever after. I enjoyed the movie Tangled because Rapunzel had a different motive for leaving her tower, to see the glowing lights, but still found true love. And I say: “What’s wrong with that?”

And that true love, as well as the unusual dynamic that brought it about, are well captured in this package of vinyl figures. Disney Princess Romance Series features a Princess with her love interest:

Front of Display Box

The box is made from heavier stock than normal Funko Pop! figurines. You could view this as a Premiere line.

Box Configuration & Box with Lid Removed

Instead of opening with a flap at the top of the package, this presentation features a lid that lifts off of a box in which the characters are set. They are held in place by friction mold plastic.

Rapunzel has her signature long blonde hair and her equally signature frying pan ‘weapon’. Just ask Flynn Ryder how effective a frying pan can be in battle!

The two figures are made to interconnect:

Candlesticks and Frying Pans: Who knew?

You can stand these figures together or alone. But they are designed to be displayed together.

Now… are you ready for the irresistible appeal of Eugene?

Is that… The Smolder?

I’m not sure why Flynn is holding a candlestick. I don’t remember this being his ‘weapon’ of choice in the movie. But I guess if you’re trying to fight off the Stabbington brothers, you use what ya got!

To me, Tangled is about as perfect a movie as you’ll ever get. I’m in the ‘It’s way better than Frozen’ camp for sure! And when I saw this set of Funko figures on sale… it was a no-brainer to pick them up as a present for my wife.

You can also get Naveen & Tiana, Belle & Beast, and Eric & Ariel.

FUN FACTS: For some reason, each pair has the male name first except Belle & Beast. Things that make you go ‘Hmm.’ Perhaps it’s because ‘Beast’ isn’t a name, per se?

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