Funko Pop! Town BOB’S BIG BOY with Restaurant

Bob’s Big Boy is a restaurant chain founded by Bob Wian in Southern California in 1936, originally named Bob’s Pantry.

Bob Wian, circa 1948

By August 2019, only five Bob’s Big Boy Restaurants remained in operation, all in Southern California. The Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant located at 4211 Riverside Drive in Burbank, California, is the oldest remaining Bob’s Big Boy in the United States. Built in 1949 by local residents Scott MacDonald and Ward Albert, it was designed by Los Angeles architect Wayne McAllister, “incorporating the 1940s transitional design of Streamline Moderne style, while anticipating the freeform 1950s coffee shop architecture”. The style’s often referred to as ‘Googie architecture’, which originated in Southern California (see embedded video later in this post).

And now we are well educated on Bob’s Big Boy history! So we are ready to fully appreciate the Pop! Town vinyl homage to same:

I got take-out… and took it home!

I usually collect mainly Disney-related items. But when I saw this set of vinyl figures, my nostalgia kicked in and it jumped into my arms! Money then jumped out of my wallet! And now it’s on my display shelf! Weird.

Although I’ve taken this set out of the box to display, I will definitely keep the packaging. I love the design!

In the image, bottom right, you can clearly see an address number: 7447. This is the actual address of a surviving Bob’s Big Boy restaurant! The full address is 7447 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241, USA and you can check out more about them here. And below is an actual photograph of the real location:

The vinyl replica is almost spot on! Visiting this location is now on my Bucket List!

Box Display Backdrop Card

Most Funko Pop! packages have a backdrop card behind the actual figure(s) and this one is no exception. It looks like it’s a beautiful day in Southern California!

It’s nice that the Big Boy Mascot has a clear stand so that he can be posed alongside the restaurant itself for maximum display potential.

Adam the Woo visited the oldest Bob’s Big Boy location in Burbank. Did you know that the Beatles ate there? You’ll find out that fact and more if you invest just 5 minutes! It’s worth a look:

I don’t know about you… but I’m hungry! I’ll see ya at Big Boys!

FUN FACTS: Slicing a bun into three slices and adding two hamburger patties, Wian had created the original double-deck hamburger.

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