The Emperor’s New Groove Disney Store Lithographs

We must be careful not to throw off the Emperor’s groove as we peek in on him and the wonderous Kingdom he rules! He doesn’t rule it wonderfully, and it’s a wonder he can rule it at all, but…

The Disney Store strikes again with another fine set of lithographs to promote the 2000 release of The Emperor’s New Groove. Let’s get right to it (because Emperor Kuzco is a bit impatient) and check out the cover of the folder:

Folder Cover

A nice still from the movie showing Kuzco doing his signature move during the spectacular opening musical sequence.

Duly impressed? No? Well then, how about these four moments from the self-centered life of the spoiled Emperor:

Ah, nothing like a few images to sum up someone’s entire life! Now let’s get back to the folder that holds the prints:

Folder Fully Open

This folder opens nicely to reveal the planned location of Kuzcotopia (soon-to-be formerly the home of Pacha), a map-like rendering of Kuzco’s Palace, and of course, the shoulder devil and angel of poor, indecisive Kronk. The prints tuck in behind the devil/angel characters.

Back of Folder

It’s fitting that the back cover of the folder pictures the final scene, and the happy ending, of the movie itself.

FUN FACTS: The Emperor’s New Groove was one of the first Disney films after 1999’s Tarzan that was not a traditional musical, but only featured a few minor songs. But hey, the main theme song was sung by Tom Jones!!! “What’s his name?” “Kuzcooooooooooo!”

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