Pixar’s BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Bust Clock

If you’re going to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg, you’d better be on time! No Space Ranger can afford to be late to the battle. So built into the space suit of every Cadet is a handy dandy, regulation, digital clock (hi-tech, of course!)

So suit up, Space Cadets! It’s time to go to “Infinity and Beyond” in search of the perfect time piece:

An Interstellar Profile

From research I’ve done on the all-knowing Internet, this seems to be from Toy Story 2.

I picked up this Galactic Warrior for just a buck (yes, that’s one whole dollar!) at a local antique barn. After inserting the required AAA batteries, Buzz was ready to tell me the time… but no other information of importance. I don’t have the clearance.

Other then tell the time, you can ‘play’ with Buzz by flipping his helmet shield up and down. He doesn’t like it. But you can do it.

Bottoms Up!

A Phillips screwdriver (that’s the star one to all you laymen out there) opens the battery compartment.

For some reason, this bust clock was distributed by General Mills. Was it a product promotion? A giveaway if you sent in so many cereal box tops?

Not Our Promotion

General Mills has done Toy Story giveaways in its cereal boxes but the above example is not the promotion we’re looking for. Ours may have to remain one of those cosmic mysteries!

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