Burger King TOY STORY Kid’s Meal Toys – Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of our look at the eight toys released by Burger King to delight kids (and disneyana collectors) and bribe parents into buying more fast food. Hey, we all have to have a purpose.

Before continuing, be sure to check out Part One for more on the background of these toys. You’ll find pictures and details for Scud, Slinky Dog, Hamm, and Lenny. But this post is all about the stars of Toy Story.

The Gang’s Still All Here!

The first star is Woody:

Woody is an action-type toy. Once you have assembled his lasso, you simply click it into his hand and raise his arm. Be sure to keep the loop of the rope above his wrist, or the lasso won’t twirl. To activate the action, you scroll the dial on his back upwards.

Bo Peep has lost her sheep in this toy variation. But she has gained the power to spin like a top. Because… she is a top.

Bo Peep is placed in the launcher which is then twisted three or four times to wind her up. Once you have placed the toy close to a hard surface, simply press the button on top of the launcher and watch her spin! She spins for a very long time.

Just out for a stroll

As mentioned in Part One, Buzz is one of the toys that has no action, so that is why he is not in the companion video. He is posable. And he also has 8 sounds that blast from his jet pack when you push a button. Unfortunately, due to the age of this toy, it no longer works. The batteries are no doubt dead and there is no way to change them. From research on the all-knowing Internet, I’ve found out that the noises are just beeps, chirps, and space-like sounds.

And now it’s time to meet The Chosen One. Ooooooooooh! The Claw begins to move:

The Chosen One

Oh. It’s just a LGM. This toy is the other one not included in the companion video. He has no action that needs to be seen live. But if you squeeze the little guy, all three of his eyes do ‘space out’, or bug out.

He also comes complete with The Claw. And like any real Claw that I’ve ever tried to use to pick up a prize, this one is pretty weak! Grab the LGM just right or you will not be able to ‘win’ him! Good luck and have fun trying!

I hope you enjoyed this nostalgic look back to the far away past of 1996. If you remember getting these toys in your Kid’s Meal, then I bet you feel old right about now! Sorry.

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