Mickey: The True Original Crew Socks

Are your dogs barking? Are you dead on your feet? Well, let’s get this blog off on the right foot and dip our toes in the water. Unless you have your foot in your mouth. Then you might want to put your foot down, keep both feet on the ground, and walk on!

Yes, that’s my way of introducing a post about socks.

My sister bought me this set of three crew socks some time ago and I’ve only now gotten around to putting a pair of them on. They’re comfortable. In case you were wondering. The material is 97% Polyester and a whopping 3% Spandex.

The box makes a nice keepsake. And bundled inside are three classic Disney characters immortalized in knit:

Mickey Mouse

Mickey appears with three different poses. One of them (upper left) looks like he isn’t too impressed with the ode de smell.


Goofy is just plain happy to be here! And when you’re rockin’ the plaid, how can you be anything but happy?

Donald Duck

Donald isn’t of two minds, but it does take two socks to complete his pose! And how does he feel about keeping your tootsies warm? “Aw, phooey!”

The back of the box, and the inside, sport more images depicting Mickey in his wide range of roles throughout the years.

These socks are a product of Centric Brands.

Now, if you were light on your feet, you probably ran through this post pretty quick!

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