The Disneyland Game – Family Fun in the Magic Kingdom

So what colour do you want? Me, I like red! Yes folks, it’s Game Night tonight, and you’re invited to play the Happiest Game on Earth. The Disneyland Game – Family Fun in the Magic Kingdom is an easy but entertaining way to spend some time with the family!

Let’s roll the die, give the spinner a tap, and get ready to move through this post. You go first:

I like that this game contains many photographs featuring scenes from throughout the Park. Even the front of the box has a nice shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle, albeit, with a cartoon Tinker Bell added for good measure! This game was manufactured and distributed by Parker Brothers.

The bottom of the box has a description of the game along with the instructions. You can enlarge the image (above left) to read them for yourself. The image above right shows the inside contents. I am happy to report that although this game is used, it is complete!

Some game boards are adequate for the purpose of play while others, like this one, are suitable for framing! It gives a bird’s eye view with all the Lands laid out much as they are in the actual Park. Some creative license was taken, of course, to fit what was necessary in the limited space available. Again, enlarge and enjoy!

The game pieces are steam trains. The spinner is intended to be a time clock showing when the Park opens (9 am) and when it closes (9 pm). So we have a 12-hour day to play in!

One of the objects of the play is to collect picture cards for points. Every good photo card is worth 5 points. There are five vertical picture cards.

There are seven horizontal picture cards. I like that the creators decided to add some candid shots with guest interaction.

If you draw a bad photo card you get ‘0’ points.

This game was released to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the opening of Disneyland. That means it was sold to the public in 1990. Not really vintage but certainly older and highly collectable!

Lastly, there are seven Lands represented with cards, totaling 48 in all. Each Land has both character cards (worth 2 points) and attraction cards (worth 1 point). Each card is colour-coded on both sides and is placed on the board beside the Land it represents.

Each Land features characters native to it, or at least in a logical grouping, and will feature attractions from that Land as well. Here is a list for each Land:

Main Street U.S.A.: Mickey / Minnie / Pluto & DL Railroad / Main Street Cinema / Penny Arcade / Mr. Lincoln.

Tomorrowland: Donald / Daisy / Goofy & Space Mountain / Rocket Ship / Submarine

Adventureland: Mowgli / King Louie / Colonel Hathi & Adventureland Bazaar / Jungle Cruise / Swiss Family Treehouse / Enchanted Tiki Room.

Fantasyland: Snow White / Cinderella / Pinocchio & Casey Jr. Circus Train / It’s a Small World / Cinderella Castle / Storybook Land Boats.

Critter Country: Br’er Rabbit / Br’er Fox / Br’er Bear & Splash Mountain / Davy Crocket’s Canoes / Country Bear Jamboree / Mile Long Bar.

Frontierland: Pecos Bill / Paul Bunyan / Little Hiawatha & Columbia Sailing Ship / Big Thunder Mountain / Tom Sawyer’s Rafts / Mark Twain Stern-Wheeler.

Can you spot the extinct attractions?

New Orleans Square features characters from Peter Pan and I think at least one extinct attraction:

Have you been playing along? Who won? Well, if you and your family had fun, then we all won!

I love collecting old Disney games and have well over 20 in my collection. You can see an overview of my collection here and a more detailed coverage of one game called Mickey’s Poppin’ Magic Game. So find a partner of two and have at it, gamers!

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