Lightbulb-shaped Table Lamp and Floor Lamp

I’m always looking for something different to decorate my humble abode with. It may be a piece of furniture. It may be a collectible. It may even be a bright red Rocket Ship Lamp. Or it may also be a vibrant yellow Airplane Lamp.

But today, it was a vivid blue Lightbulb Lamp set that made the cut and joined the décor:

Red, Yellow, and Blue

My home is nothing if not colourful. You can learn more about the Zappo DC3 Yellow Airplane Lamp by clicking the link. It’s to the right of the television in the picture above.

I can’t find any information about the manufacturer of this table and floor lamp set. I just know that they are cool

Table Lamp

If it’s mood lighting you’re looking for, look no further! But if it’s a strong light to read by, then by all means, keep looking.

Floor Lamp

I had an idea that these would look awesome in my home. See what I did there?

The only clue I have about these lamps is from the sticker on the bottom of the stands. They were made in China in October of 2002. When I first saw them on Kijiji (a local selling site) I assumed they were from the 1950’s or 1960’s.

Wayfair has a similar floor lamp on sale now. But it is a clear bulb more reminiscent of the Thomas Edison light bulb, so vintage in style. My blue/purple set is designed in a more Mid-century modern style, or retro, if you will.

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  1. Marie says:

    Omg. I want those so badly! I had one (smaller desk top purple/blue light bulb light) that I got at hot topic when I was a teenager (like 15-20 years ago). I want another one so so so badly!! So jealous! They look AMAZING by the way!!

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