Lightbulb-shaped Table Lamp and Floor Lamp

I’m always looking for something different to decorate my humble abode with. It may be a piece of furniture. It may be a collectible. It may even be a bright red Rocket Ship Lamp. Or it may also be a vibrant yellow Airplane Lamp.

But today, it was a vivid blue Lightbulb Lamp set that made the cut and joined the décor:

Red, Yellow, and Blue

My home is nothing if not colourful.

I can’t find any information about the manufacturer of this table and floor lamp set. I just know that they are cool

Table Lamp

If it’s mood lighting you’re looking for, look no further! But if it’s a strong light to read by, then by all means, keep looking.

Floor Lamp

I had an idea that these would look awesome in my home. See what I did there?

The only clue I have about these lamps is from the sticker on the bottom of the stands. They were made in China in October of 2002. When I first saw them on Kijiji (a local selling site) I assumed they were from the 1950’s or 1960’s.

Wayfair has a similar floor lamp on sale now. But it is a clear bulb more reminiscent of the Thomas Edison light bulb, so vintage in style. My blue/purple set is designed in a more Mid-century modern style, or retro, if you will.

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