Disney Store Mickey LEADER OF THE CLUB Sculpture

“Who’s the Leader of the club that’s made for you and me?” Okay, only one guess, because it’s just too easy!

Mickey Mouse has had so many roles over the course of his career that it’s hard to pick the most pivotal one. Is it his first role in Steamboat Willie? Or perhaps his comical turn in Fantasia? But for the generation of the 1950’s, it has to be… The Mickey Mouse Club!

I found this great Big Fig(urine) at the Disney Store. It was one of the liquidation centers for Theme Park merchandise and this sculpture was the last one they had. Now is everyone neat and pretty? Then let’s have a look:


Mickey looks a bit worried in his close-up but gets happier as he marches along!

The beaters are detachable. That way, if Mickey drums a little too long, you can take them away from him.

Mickey is a little over 13″ to the top of his feather, including the base. A great feature of this Big Fig / Sculpture is the base. It has images of the costumes Mickey wore for each of the five days of the week that he hosted the Mickey Mouse Club. Each image appears twice so that they completely ring the entire base.

Fun With Music Day

Each day of the week had a theme. You can see the theme for Monday above. Below the next images I’ll list the other four days of the week and their themes.

Tuesday: Guest Star Day

Wednesday: Anything Can Happen Day

Thursday: Circus Day

On Circus Day Mickey also wears the Band Leader costume. But he carries a trombone instead of the drum. The drum comes from the opening sequence where Donald Duck tries to horn in (hee hee) on Mickey’s celebration.

Friday: Talent Round Up Day

If you’d like to see more about what happens on these days, you can check out Wade Bradford’s Blog where he lists all of the days and includes some images and videos to spotlight the fun. But if you’re going to click over there now… don’t forget to come back real soon!

The Disney Store released this sculpture as a Limited Edition run of 1,955. Again, only one guess as to why that number of works was chosen!

I believe it was offered in 1999. One just sold online for $128.32 CAN. I can’t remember what I paid but it wasn’t anywhere near that much! You gotta love when merchandise is discounted for liquidation purposes!

To see another piece of Band Leader Mickey merchandise, check out this post featuring Disney Dollars!

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