Mickey Mouse Disney Character Tankard Series

When you think of drinking out of a stein or tankard you might think of Germany. Octoberfest is a fun time where beer flows freely and interesting drinking goblets abound! But the tankard I’m featuring in this post is from Brazil.

Many years ago I saw an ad from a gentleman who was selling off his large Disney collection. He had many unique items, but it was this tankard that captured my heart! As you scroll on, I believe you will see why I just had to have this in my collection:

A cute little pose from a cute little mouse!

Even from the side Mickey looks cute… and relaxed.

A nice touch is found on the ‘button’ that you push to open Mickey’s mouth. It contains an image of the Disney ‘D’.

9″ Tall

Say ‘Ahh’!

Notice you can see his tongue! That is so adorable. Although it means you would have to French kiss Mickey to get a drink.

Ceramarte is listed as the manufacturer. They don’t appear to have a website so are likely out of business at this point (?) but you can still Google the name and see countless examples of their fine workmanship!

Further research puts the date of issue for Mickey at 1993 as the second in the series. The other Disney characters immortalized in ceramic were Donald Duck (1992, first in series) and Goofy (1994, third in series). You can see them below:

Unfortunately I don’t own the complete set… yet! Once again: The Hunt is on! You can buy mint condition examples of these tankards for about $50 US on Internet selling sites.

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