Jiminy Cricket Wax or Chalk Figurine

I can’t in good conscience claim to know much about this figurine. But when I get in trouble like this and don’t know what information is right from wrong, I give a little click on the Internet and it usually puts me on the straight and narrow path!

Give a Little Whistle if you understand!

I was able to find a very similar figurine from the 1940’s but it did look earlier than this piece. Let’s have a look:

Snazzy Snazzy

Jiminy Cricket is a fictional character created by Italian writer Carlo Collodi for his 1883 children’s book The Adventures of Pinocchio, which Disney adapted in 1940 as an animated film called Pinocchio.

This figurine is definitely rough. The original sculpt wasn’t the best to begin with and time hasn’t been kind.

Hand-Painted Glory

There are no manufacturer’s markings or copyright stamps. So it is pretty much impossible to date our little friend. Unless you turn out to be his type. As for the material it is made out of, it is either hard wax or some sort of chalk, as it is easily scratched. Jiminy is 3 1/4″ tall.

I love finding odd little things like this. They usually cost very little and make an interesting conversation piece when fellow collectors come for a visit!

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