Sleeping Beauty View-Master Reels with Story Booklet

Hopefully you’ve had a good night’s sleep so that you can stay awake for this post. Because our subject is someone who’s known to have trouble staying awake. And if she yawns, we’ll all nod off!

Walt Disney’s 16th animated film, Sleeping Beauty, was released in 1959 to less than stimulating box office returns. But that didn’t stop Aurora from becoming the favorite princess of many little princes and princesses (and Cosplayers) right up to our modern day!

Also in 1959, the Gaf Corporation released a View-Master Stereo Pictures set with a companion 16-page story booklet. And that is what we will cover now:

Package Cover

This is perhaps the best piece of artwork from the set. Due to printing limitations, many of the pages of the story booklet are printed in one colour: Blue. Which is the same colour as Aurora’s dress (unless Merryweather turns it pink). Every other page is printed in full colour.

Not-so Hidden Out-of-Proportion Mickey

The set contains three stereo reels with seven scenes depicted on each. The back of the package (below, left) contains a brief story description to whet your appetite:

The cover of the story booklet (above, right) is also in full colour but not rendered as sharply as the packaging cover. Still a nice nod to a pivotal scene from the movie.

Below you can read the entire story and see how it fits with the picture reels:

Okay, I just had to break in here and say: That’s one scary woman (above, left)! And they think Snow White had scary adventures!

If you’d like to see and enjoy another great set of reels from Gaf, just click the link to check out my post featuring Disney on Parade.

FUN FACTS: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather appear in Disney Channel/Disney Junior’s series Sofia the First as the teaching faculty of Royal Prep, the school for the various kingdom’s princes and princesses.

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