Large Peanuts SNOOPY Throw Pillow

Although my collection is quite varied, it does contain mostly Disney merchandise. But if there is one non-Disney character that can sneak in and find a place in The Happiest Collection on the Internet, it’s Snoopy!

Hallmark wins again with an excellent piece of licensed merchandise. I have often purchased treasures from this store from ornaments to figurines to… pillows:

His New Bed

Soon we are having a new couch/sofa delivered and it’s grey in colour. So this pillow will add a splash of vibrancy!

You can see another pillow, featuring the Peanuts franchise, that I bought at Hallmark by clicking the following link: Snoopy A to Z Throw Pillow.

Is there any better mascot for a good nap than Snoopy? I think not! When I was younger it was all go go go, but now that I am older, I look forward to having a ‘Z’ over my head!

Charles M. Schulz created the Peanuts cartoon strip in 1950. He contributed to the ongoing content until the year 2000.

You can visit the Official Website by clicking the link.

Last Peanuts Sunday Strip

FUN FACTS: While the interior of Snoopy’s doghouse is described in the strip as having such things as a library and a pool table and being adorned with paintings, it was never shown.

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