Pixar’s UP Pencil Holder with 6 Pencils

A quick trip to the Disney Store added several new items to my collection. My wife and I really enjoyed the Pixar movie UP but have found that it doesn’t always get as well represented in the merchandise department as other Pixar properties. So seeing a large UP display was an unexpected treat!

I love items that are unusual and this Pencil Holder fits the bill perfectly:

Front Side

There are six pencils in the set with each having a cluster of three balloons atop them. Blue, purple, yellow, orange, green, and pink varieties are used.

Front and Back of Packaging

The box is pretty much uninspired so it rests in a landfill now. This piece needs to be out of its packaging and on display!

Right Side and Back Side

Left Side and Top

The main building is 7″ tall with the overall height raising to just over 10″ tall with the pencils inserted. You’ll notice that the house itself (above, right) has three balloons permanently attached to the chimney.


Dug Pencil / UP House Pencil / Grape Soda Pencil

Although there are six pencils there are only three stem designs. And in case you were wondering, the balloons are indeed erasers.

For only $16.99 US or $23.99 CAN retail, you just can’t go wrong with this collectible!

Please check out my other cool UP house merchandise! It’s a Cookie Jar. But if it’s writing utensils you’re into, I do have a Winnie the Pooh pen holder, but that will have to wait for another time.

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