BOOK REVIEW: Walt Disney – His Life in Pictures

Publisher: Disney Press

Year: 2009

Pages: 66

Type: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-4231-2105-3

We wanted to keep him to ourselves.” – Diane Disney Miller

Wouldn’t you? Thankfully for the world at large Walt Disney’s children didn’t get their wish! The man, husband, and father was shared and we all enjoyed a great genius that made our lives a little bit better.

The overleaf tells us: “Through pictures, this intriguing book traces Walt’s life from his boyhood in Missouri through his beginnings in Hollywood, the building of his film studio empire, and the creation of his world-famous theme parks. Much of Walt’s story is told in his own words through excerpts from interviews and films made during his lifetime.”

Walt’s iconic signature in embossed on the hardcover of the book itself but is hidden under the dustjacket. I always look under the dustjacket of a book to see what lies underneath!

The book is divided into decades. This makes it easier to follow Walt through his most pivotal moments. I also appreciate this approach as I feel it gives each reader the chance to focus on the decade when they became familiar with Walt. It is the 1960’s era, with the Wonderful World of Color, that strikes a cord of nostalgia for me.

I won’t show too many pages, although I’m tempted, but instead just feature two spreads that will serve to show the format of the book:

The 1940’s
The 1950’s

The Walt Disney Archives provided the bulk of the images used in the book. Many might be familiar to you, but remember, now you can see them in context as they are laid out chronologically.

The 1960’s

I remember first being aware of Walt Disney only years after his passing. I loved to watch The Wonderful World of Color to see his grandfatherly-like introduction to each show. The portrait above is how I knew Walt and I was unaware that the man I was seeing was no longer with us. It wouldn’t be until the late 1970’s that I clued in and I admit it was a blow to my young mind and heart!

If you had a similar experience, this book will fill in the missing years of Walt’s life and career in an easy to read way that is enjoyable and informative. You can currently buy this book on Amazon for just over $16.00 CAN.

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