America on Parade Metal Tray

The United States of America celebrated it’s 200th Birthday, or Bicentennial, on July 4th, 1976. Disneyland and Walt Disney World started celebrating early starting on June 6th, 1975 and continued to do so through September 6th, 1976. The anchor for the festivities was a spectacular parade that served as a daytime and nighttime extravaganza.

There were plenty of souvenirs created to commemorate the event, such as this metal tray:

If you click on over to our previous post entitled America on Parade Lunch Box you’ll see this very image repeated.

Not much to see back here

Other than some residual glue left behind by the original price tag, there isn’t much to see on the back of the tray.

Disney liked to use strange characters during the 1970’s. EPCOT had walk-around characters with oversized heads that freaked people out, but America on Parade said: ‘Hold my beer!’ Each of the parade performers sported costumes appropriate to the float around which they danced, as well as enormous heads fixed on a custom-built apparatus for support, with the performer looking through the neck. Have a look:

Is it the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse?

The floats were amazing and technical marvels, but these guys? Wow, take a moment to blink, fellas! No wonder some found them a bit unnerving.

FUN FACTS: This parade was a temporary replacement for Disneyland’s and the Magic Kingdom’s The Main Street Electrical Parade. Also, the Sherman Brothers (who had left the Disney Studios by the time of the Bicentennial) were asked to write a specialty song. They provided a tune called “The Glorious Fourth” which was performed during the parade.

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