Disney-themed MASKS from the Disney Store

Are we still hoping to see an end to the pandemic? But then what would we do with all our cool and stylish Disney masks? Mark my words: All those who said they hated to wear them will be the first to petition Disney to let them continue to wear them at the Parks when the lockdowns have ended! Okay. Maybe not. But still… the masks are so cool!

I – Hidden Mickey – Walt Disney World

What does that even mean? Oh, I see: I HEART/LOVE Walt Disney World. Now that makes more sense!

I have been trying to get a certain pattern for ages but they are always sold out. Even the eBay scalpers don’t have the one I want! But I did find two that will fill the void until the day I find my favorite. The first you can see opened above. The second opened one is a little lower down:

The Pizza Planet mask fits into my collection perfectly as I also have a Pizza Planet t-shirt and a Pizza Planet baseball cap. So now I can really get people to look at me sideways when I’m in public as I wear the entire ensemble!

The problem with Disney masks in the beginning was the sizing. Even the large ones were way too small for adults. But now they have changed that and this XL version is the perfect fit for me.

Now be sure to read the full disclaimer on each mask: Not for surgical or industrial use. So if you have to perform surgery, please do not use your Disney mask with the ‘Goofy mouth’ image. It may erode the patient’s confidence in you.

And speaking of Goofy:

Man Modeling… or Muzzled

I’ll let you decide which would be preferred.

And now for a quick medical evaluation: There is no way to put a filter in these masks. There are two layers and so the mask should provide a basic level of protection. However, here is something to consider:

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends wearing fabric face masks in public spaces where social distancing isn’t possible. Three layers are ideal for a fabric face mask. You can adjust your existing face mask to fit the new criteria.

It does say ‘ideal’ and not ‘mandatory’. So each person must make their own evaluation of the mask used for their personal protection and that of their family. This text is given here for information purposes only and is not intended to impose a decision on our readers.

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