Disney Character Fashions Donald Duck Baseball Cap

Wearing a goofy hat at a Disney Park is almost a rite of passage for any Disney fan. The weirder the better! I have an actual Goofy hat, buck teeth with ears and all, that I wear without shame or embarrassment. In the Parks. But I don’t think many of us come home and then wear these unique head toppers to the local grocery store!

Can you imagine walking into your local Costco wearing this:

The Ugly Duckling’s Cousin?!?

Okay, although Donald may not be a real looker, he isn’t ugly. Sorry Mr. Duck! It’s lucky for me that he appears to have a smile on his bill. He must be in a good mood.

If you wear this hat, you should be aware that you are wearing a hat that is wearing a hat. Yup. That’s weird. Of course, you could make it weirder by wearing a hat and then putting this hat that is wearing a hat over that hat so that you’d be wearing three hats. Yes. You could. But I wouldn’t.

Donald looks a little freakier when you look inside the cap and see his eyes, or the back of his eyes, looking back at you! Spooky! This Dapper Drake’s chapeau was released as part of the Disney Character Fashions line. It could be from the 1980’s according to a bit of research done on the all-knowing Internet.

The manufacturer is labeled as Animated Products Inc. of Raleigh, NC. I can’t find them on the Web now but did find a similar supplier who is currently handling Disney along with other IP’s. They are called Animated Apparel Co. and are obviously a newer enterprise. But you may enjoy what they have to offer!

Okay, he does have a striking profile!

Would you wear this Fowl Fedora in public?

FUN FACTS: A duck brain is divided into two halves. In Donald’s case, that would be ‘calm’ and ‘angry’. But for every other duck, this means that one half of the brain can rest while the other half stays alert. The only time a duck rests both sides of its brain at the same time is when it feels safe within a flock. And now you are a Professor of Quackology.

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