Mickey Mouse as A VENDOR – Moving Toys

Take a seat, kids, this is going to be a longer one! But don’t worry, if you supply the drinks, I’ll supply the snacks! Well, not me exactly, but Mickey Mouse will serve up some popped corn, burgers, fries, and a soda. Oh, and he’ll even throw in a flower for your best girl!

I have three different vending-themed toys to show you today, complete with a video showing them in action. So without further ado, and because I’m a wee bit peckish, let’s flag them down and do some business:

Ready for Business

Mickey has always been industrious. With his pals Donald and Goofy, he’s been everything from a window washer to a clock cleaner, and just about everything else too! But first, let’s see him work his route as a Corn Popper vendor:

This moving toy was made by the illco company. It has ‘bump and go’ action (which means when he hits something, he can turn and keep going), is musical (see video below and make your own evaluation of that feature), and has balls that pop up and down as Mickey moves back and forth. This is a battery operated toy with an on/off switch that controls the action.

A view of the bottom of this toy shows the circular disc with wheels that controls the unique turning feature. Mickey can swerve as he moves forwards and backwards (again, see video below). These three toys have different movement paths. The one above is erratic in its movements.

Next, Mickey stays with the vending industry but changes his wares to… flowers:

Flower Vendor

Note the ‘Hidden Mickey’ motif on the vehicle. This is a wind-up toy. Mickey now moves only in a small circle.

This toy has no manufacturing details stamped on it but it does say it was sold by the Disney Store.

That’s one happy flower!

Now it’s time for that snack I promised earlier. Mickey is now a food vendor serving up a standard fare of American favorites:

You can tell that this toy has some similarities to the last one shown above. But this one has a friction mechanism for propulsion. You have to pull Mickey backwards and then let him go. And boy does he go! But now, only in a straight line. Again, be sure to watch the short video below to see for yourself.

Not surprisingly, this toy is also a Disney Store exclusive. And note this toy also has a ‘Hidden Mickey’ motif.

What, no hotdogs? Oh well, at least the burger has cheese!

Now if you’re ready, it’s time to see all three of these little guys in action! But be warned: Mickey’s Corn Popper has music that makes the ‘It’s a Small World’ song seem like a pleasing Sonnet. You are warned:

So how did you like that? I bet it’ll take a while to get that Mickey’s Corn Popper tune out of your head!

FUN FACTS: In North America, Mickey would be referred to as a Vendor for selling his wares in such a manner. In Europe, the term for a street entertainer is ‘Busker’. I thought that this term also fit these toys as Mickey isn’t just selling from these ‘carts’, but also entertaining as he careens around and plays his music. What do you think? Is Mickey a ‘Vendor’ or a ‘Busker’?

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