Safari Winnie the Pooh WDW Plush

There I was! In the dangerous wilds of my local Charity Shop. Dozens of crazed bargain hunters all around me. But I kept my cool. Focusing on the mission: Find Disney collectables and ‘rescue’ them from certain death… or at least, from being forgotten. I needed new items for my expanding Disneyana collection. I needed new items to feature on my blog!

Bleary-eyed. Almost giving up hope. But then I found… the BIG ONE!

Just look at the SIZE of that bear!

It seemed that he, Safari Winnie the Pooh, was also searching that day! We found each other. And he followed me home.

Did I mention that he was a BIG bear? He is a whopping 20″ high, and that’s sitting down!

It seems Pooh had survived his harrowing experience at the Charity Shop by staying hydrated with sweet water from his stylish and monogrammed canteen. When I asked how long the silly old bear had been there, he didn’t know. So I gave him a beautiful Mickey Mouse watch so that he would never again lose track of the time.

The only tag

I thought that perhaps, like Paddington Bear, he might have a note, label, or tag, attached to him that would explain how he came to be at the Charity Shop. But alas, only one tag could I find, and all it said was ‘Walt Disney World’. A magical place thousands of miles away from where I found Pooh! How did he come to travel so far? Who brought him? And why did they drop him off and leave him without so much as a hug goodbye? We may never know the answers to those questions or to the strange ways of humans.

The whole affair reminded me of another time that I came across an inhabitant of the Hundred Acre Wood. You can read about that occasion by clicking this link to a previous post entitled Adorable Plush Eeyore.

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