Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Pen Collection

I mentioned this collectible in an earlier post. I got it by redeeming points I had accumulated in the Disney Movie Rewards program. It may have been a promotional item for the latest animated Winnie the Pooh movie that was to come out in 2011.

It consists of one Hunny pot and four character pens:

The pot itself is quite heavy to ensure that the pens are held upright. It could be used as a paper weight. Does anyone use those anymore? Does anyone use paper anymore?

The back side (hmmm, sounds like ‘Backson’) has the oft misspelled word ‘Hunny’. But no matter how you spell it, a smackerel of honey is never a bad thing!

Now let’s get the usual suspects in the lineup for a closer look:

The pens have no ‘clicker’ on top to extend the nib (more on that later). Instead, they have a special, and fun, feature:

That’s gotta hurt!

“Well, the wonderful thing about Tiggers, is that Tiggers are wonderful things! Their bottoms are made out of ink, and their heads sit upon springs!” That’s how it goes, right?

To use the pens, you just remove the plastic cap. No need for an actuator of any kind.

To see the earlier post with a similar theme (although pencils, not pens, are utilized) you can click here! You’ll be UPlifted (hint hint).

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