Vintage Mickey Mouse Bicycle Horn

Your bicycle is only as good as the accessories it holds. But that’s just my opinion. However, I think you will agree that every bike should have this accessory:

On your bike, Mate!

Yes, who wouldn’t jump out of your road when they hear the mighty roar, or squeak, of the one-and-only Mickey Mouse! Of course, they would probably jump out of your road anyway once they noticed you were heading right at them! But the horn just adds that extra touch of drama to any near-collision, don’t you think?

No matter which way you go, Mickey will lead and clear the way. And he does it in dapper style as he rocks a red bowtie!

You can see the simple clamp mechanism (upper, right) that makes it easy to affix this bike horn to any set of handlebars.

Cover your ears!

Okay, by now you must be busting to hear the mighty yell of our rubber Mickey Mouse! So get ready and prepare to be… amazed?

Allow extra time for your hapless pedestrian to get out of the way. They’ll probably waste precious seconds laughing that they should be using to avoid you. Happy cycling!

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