Marvel Shieldz Circle K Free Giveaways

I pulled into my local gas station to fill up this afternoon and found a new promotion on offer. So naturally I took advantage of a freebie! And what was that promotion, you ask? Read on!

Heroes Unite! Circle K is excited to offer customers the opportunity to collect Marvel Shieldz! There are 36 Shieldz to collect featuring famous Marvel characters like Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America. Which super hero is your favourite? Spend $10 on in-store merchandise or fill up 30L of gas and get a FREE Marvel Shieldz! Be sure to visit your local Circle K regularly to collect the full series. The Shieldz are available while supplies last.

And here is what you are given:

In addition to free Shieldz, Circle K stores have Shieldz available for purchase. Each one is $0.99. There is also a Marvel Shieldz album available for $4.99 that you can use to showcase all that you have collected.

Not only are the Shieldz fun for everyone to collect, you can also create a fun game with them and battle your friends. Here’s how:

• Hold a Shieldz in each hand between thumb and forefinger
• Side the large slots on each Shieldz together
• Hold one Shieldz tight
• Pull the other Shieldz back gently and then release it!
• Who can shoot the Shieldz the farthest?

Will Ms. Marvel or Drax fly the farthest? In the comics, neither of these characters can fly, so I’m not sure it will be much of a contest.

But wait, there’s more fun to be had! You can show everyone how many Shieldz you have collected by tagging Circle K on social media (@circlekwesterncanada or @circlekontario) and using the hashtag #Shieldz. Plus, you can download the Shieldz App so you can track your collection online. The Shieldz App is available on the App Store or you can get it on Google Play.

Even though the signage outside said that these collectibles were available if you pumped over 30L of gasoline, I was told inside that gas purchases didn’t count. Hmm. But then I was told that because I asked so nicely I would be given one anyway. Much to my surprise, the attendant gave me two! I won’t be trying to collect all 36 as these aren’t really my thing. But I figured they’d make an interesting post for Marvel fans!

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4 Responses to Marvel Shieldz Circle K Free Giveaways

  1. my daughter found groot in my wallet

  2. Jeremy says:

    Thank you for this info I was wondering what you do with these things . I see the cut out out two together and they kinda just flop over .
    Now I know

    • Dis-LEE says:

      I wondered too until I did some research! So not just for collecting a set, but have some play value. Glad I could help and thanks for commenting! Nuff said.

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