Henri Studio Mickey Mouse Garden Statue

I’ve wanted a Disney-themed garden figure for some time now but just couldn’t find the right one for the right price. When we visited the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival we saw many awesome offerings but just didn’t make the decision to buy.

FaceBook Marketplace to the rescue! The good thing about this selling site is that it’s local; you can pick up the item right away, which means there are no shipping costs.

Hard at Work

For just $40 CAN I have finally added a Disney figure to my garden. And it’s Mickey! How cute is he in his work clothes and straw hat?

Happy to be digging in the garden

This Big Fig / Statuette / Statue/ Lawn Ornament / Garden Gnome (pick one) features Mickey in gardening attire, with a shovel, a watering can, and a bag of seeds.

Ready for Planting

Henri Studio is responsible for this item. Their website is amazing and filled with awesome things for your garden. Here is a brief history of the company: Over seventy years ago, an adventurous, talented and modest young man arrived in America from his native Italy. Eneri Prosperi was born in the picturesque village of Bagni di Lucca in romantic Tuscany, for centuries the regional home of Italy’s artists and sculptors. Eneri transported his Old World craftsmanship to his new home, eventually arriving in Chicago, where he began to pour his first concrete creations in the basement of his bungalow in the early 1960s. This was the inception of Henri Studio, where the Prosperi family grew their skills and their business, eventually making Henri the world’s leading name in cast stone fountains and garden décor.


The website also gives some basic care instructions for keeping your Henri Studio outdoor figure in good condition. For example: It is best that is set on a firm, leveled surface, one that is prepared so water does not accumulate under the piece. For smaller pieces, a patio deck, paver stones or an area set with compacted gravel are some other recommended alternatives.

Why not just place your piece directly on the ground? We’re told: Most important is to prevent direct contact with moisture-rich surfaces which will end up being absorbed by the new Henri piece. Natural or stained cast stone pieces will show different colors around wet areas. The source of moisture will carry with it a number of minerals that will affect the finish. With a first frost, trapped moisture will freeze. With little room to expand, it will lead to paint peeling, as well as concrete pitting and/or crumbling.

Bottoms Up

Yes, we all want our bottoms to be fresh and clean. Ahem – awkward! You can see in the picture above that a sticker is missing. This could have been a care sticker, a price sticker, or a sticker identifying a local retailer. You can also see that there are some grass stains, showing that some previous owner may not have followed the installation instructions (I know, my opening image shows Mickey without a base too, but it was only temporary to have an opening image for this post. I’ll do it right later, I promise!)

If you’d like to peruse the latest offerings from the Henri Studio, simply visit their website and click ‘Where to buy’.

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