Walt Disney World Pewter Collectible ‘Disney Friends’ Spoon

Who’s ready to dig right in? We don’t have a shovel for you, but what we do have is a spoon. However, it’s made out of pewter, so you won’t want to shovel any food into your mouth with it. So where am I going with this? I must be hungry.

I have a small collection of collectible spoons from Disney. They make great little keepsakes if you’re looking to take something home without leaving your wallet at the store! Although I would have liked to buy this at one of the theme parks, I had to settle for FaceBook Marketplace:

Disney’s Fab Four

Minnie rests on Mickey’s shoulders as he sits precariously atop Goofy’s shoulders as he… barely manages to stay atop Donald. A ‘human’ pyramid! Likely this arrangement of bodies wouldn’t have lasted long if it weren’t cast in pewter.

I love finding things like this when they are still in the original packaging. If they have the store price tag intact, even better! But this one doesn’t. The spoon is held onto a card filled with Hidden Mickeys. The plastic case opens with a simple latch.

Twist Tie holding Spoon in place

Two twists and the quartet of friends is free! I called this spoon ‘Friends’ because of the characters depicted on it. But really, it would have been marketed simply as a Walt Disney World Pewter Collectible Spoon. I thought it needed more!

The copyright is ‘Disney’ so dating this piece of merchandise is hard. I believe the lady I purchased it from said she had it for over 20 years, so perhaps it was sold sometime in the 1990’s?

Just can’t get enough spoons? Then check out a spoon that actually is a shovel! Yup, I managed to bring my opening ramble back around to the end: The Collectible Mickey Mouse Shovel Spoon.

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