Pixar’s DUG the Dog Spinning Pin

“Will you be my reader? My editor has sent me on a special mission. I must type this post. I will type this post good! My readers will like me if I type this post good. I am a good blogger! Squirrel!”

You may recognize that playful banter as being reminiscent of the kind of scattered speech from everyone’s favorite dog, Dug. He has a special collar that gives him the ability to talk. Personality wise, he’s a playful, optimistic, friendly, and lovable dog who’s always kind. He likes everybody he comes across (“I have just met you, and I love you!) He tries so hard at following rules but can be somewhat of an airhead at times, making even the most well-intentioned missions go awry. Dug also gets easily distracted by some things, mainly squirrels. All in all, he is a very social dog that many humans would do well to emulate.

Are you easily… Squirrel! Distracted?

This pin is an official Disney Pin Trading release. It has the special feature of being a ‘spinner’, meaning that you can spin the back disc to reveal different sayings.

He doesn’t mention it on this pin, but did you know that Dug is an excellent tracker? You can see one of his tracks, or paw prints, in the image at top right, above.

It takes two black Hidden Mickeys to keep this pin attached to your person. And look at all of those other Hidden Mickeys embossed on the back!

This is my wife’s favorite pin. To learn more about the terminology of Pin Trading (and this is very interesting, trust me!) check out Disney Pin Trading Lingo from the Disney Pins Blog. Or if you’re in the mood to watch a video, check out this charming one from Oh My Disney that begs the question: What if Dug were real?

FUN FACTS: Well, speculation, really. Dug is the only dog owned by Charles Muntz that is not named after a Greek letter. Being as there isn’t a dog named Delta mentioned in the film, maybe Dug’s ‘given’ name is Delta?

FUN FACTS: Would you like to hear Dug’s favorite joke? Here it is: “A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, ‘I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead.’ Ha! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead.” Humor is such a personal thing.

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