Pixar’s Bullseye Character Trinket Case

Bullseye is a friendly and carefree toy horse that first galloped into our hearts as a supporting character in the Pixar movie Toy Story 2. He was so happy to see Woody again and has been very loyal to his friend ever since! He will go wherever Woody goes and will do what Woody tells him.

With a loyal streak like that, who better to hide your valuable jewellery!

Does he look guilty to you?

His expression is like that of a dog who is about to be bopped on the nose with a rolled up newspaper for doing a whoopsie on the carpet. But being as Bullseye is a horse, let’s hope that’s not the case. But I digress.

This little keepsake / jewellery / treasure box is a cute way to store a trinket or two. But not much more, there just wouldn’t be room!

He is covered with a cheap felt material and is extremely light. But the level of detail in the design makes him a nice piece to have on a dressing table.

Look what’s inside!

He comes complete with two pieces of jewellery: A star-shaped ring with ‘diamond’ center, and a Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl necklace.

There is a slot in the compartment to hold one ring and space for a few chains or pendants. Once Bullseye’s saddle is closed, you would never know he had a secret inside!

My wife suggested we give this away to our little niece. I suggested we give away our niece. At this point, we still have both.

For more of our nice Disney Bling, check out the link, and for more of our nasty Disney Bling, check out the second link. Either way, you’ll be glad you did!

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