Walt Disney World Collectible Taffy Tin

There’s nothing like a ride down Main Street USA! Especially if it’s with your best gal in a vintage automobile. And if the ride ends with a candy treat… all the better!

This great collectible tin was filled with yummy taffy and features many fun scenes from some iconic attractions in Walt Disney World. Let’s have a look:

The tin itself measures 8″ long by 6″ deep by 5″ high. I’m thinking that makes a lot of room for taffy!

Top or Lid Scene

The top of the tin features Mickey and Minnie on a dapper drive with Lady along for the ride. I don’t think the buildings and castle in the background are accurately placed, but it looks good! Now let’s have a look at the attraction-based panels of the tin:

Daisy, Donald, and Goofy visit the Haunted Mansion while Mickey takes a rocket flight over Space Mountain.

Goofy, Donald, and Daisy move on to enjoy a more folksy afternoon in Frontierland as they chat it up with the Liberty Belle in the background. And on the last panel, it looks like Br’er Rabbit has fooled Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear into plunging into the briar patch!

Unfortunately, the tin is empty, and was when I found it. But the sticker on the bottom is how I learned what I was missing! At least I now know the ingredients and so can make my own taffy. Which is not going to happen!

These tins make great receptacles for keepsakes after the treats are gone and can bring back fond memories of a past Disney vacation.

For a truly wonderful and potentially dangerous candy in a unique Muppets tin, check out our previous post entitled Jim Henson’s Muppets Sour Puckers Tin. After reading the contents of the post, Beaker was heard to say: “Mee Mee (bleah) Mee!” We’re taking that as a positive endorsement.

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