Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams Giveaway Swag

The Year of a Million Dreams was a Disney promotion that was supposed to last for one year but ended up spanning over parts of three years. The so-called ‘year long’ celebration began on October 1, 2006 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Disneyland Resort in California. My wife and I attended the event in the Florida Parks in 2008 and got quite a bit of cool swag!

Disney Cast Members were awarding millions of dreams to randomly chosen guests as part of the new Disney Dreams Giveaway promotion. Many of these dreams were priceless experiences, such as private rides on selected attractions, such as:

How cool is that? My wife and I got to ride in our own boat through the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction. We had to wait in line like everyone else though. Another awesome feature of this ‘dream’ was that the back of the voucher was signed by various characters. We were given this by a Cast Member while shopping in a booth just outside the Mexico Pavilion.

Over 418,789 Pin and Lanyard sets were slated for giveaway, but the actual number would have ended up much higher as the promotion was extended. Ours is pictured below:

We also got two Fast Pass Lanyards. We didn’t use any of the detachable tabs for rides as the wait times were surprisingly low. So we kept them as souvenirs instead.

There was no way we were trading these pins! As you can see in the pictures below, I added two pins from the same event, and year we attended it, from the Disneyland Resort:

Donald and Goofy pose the same on the pins from Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but wear different clothing, with the WDW attire being more formal. And the banner and castle on the WDW pin are missing from the DL version.

Tinkerbell is rocking her own pin complete with Mickey Ears and Pixie Dust!

Over 250,000 Mickey Ears were also slated for giveaway, and we got two of them:

Embroidered YoMD Mickey Ears

While in EPCOT, we were called over to a Friendship Taxi dock by Cast Members who told us if we boarded, we would get a special surprise. We got the Mickey Ears above with a voucher to have our names embroidered later. If you’d like to see me wearing mine at the Park, check out this post entitled Disney Trip Splurges That Won’t Break Your Wallet.

Did you visit the Parks on either coast during The Year of a Million Dreams? What did you get? For a complete list of what was slated to be given away, click this link.

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  1. Mike Ellis says:

    Great post, Lee! Thanks for sharing! You and Karen were rocking in the Year of a Million Dreams swag! I have a couple of items. 1) We were at the Main Street Bakery and a Cast Member came up to Sophie and asked who her favorite Princess was. When Sophie told her Cinderella, all of a sudden the Cast Member had a humongous chocolate chip cookie that Cinderella had asked her to personally deliver to her friend Sophie. That was an awesome bit of Disney Magic in the eyes of a 7 year old. The second thing was that when we were in the lobby over at Coronado Springs Resort, a Cast Member gave Sophie a very special Disney pin. It was two pieces, and you kept one piece and gave the other piece to your BFF. So Sophie gave it to her friend Riley. Great little things.

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