Mickey Mouse Bagatelle Pinball Game

And just what is a ‘Bagatelle’, you ask? Well, I have the answer: It’s a game in which small balls are hit and then allowed to roll down a sloping board on which there are holes, each numbered with the score achieved if a ball goes into it, with pins acting as obstructions. We would probably more commonly call them pinball games but apparently, we would be wrong.

I have a nice if not small collection of these types of games. All Disney-themed, of course. But this is definitely the smallest:

Happy to be in The Game

Mickey’s ears can be removed. I don’t know if this was intentional so that a child could wear them while playing, or if it was just due to the manufacturing process.

This game was made by the Louis Marx Company, which was an American toy manufacturer in business from 1919 to 1980. However, this particular game was made in Great Britain.

Is that anything like a Baguette?

I always end up learning things when I do the research for the posts on this blog. Who knew that a Bagatelle wasn’t edible?

Not as easy as it sounds!

You get five tries to rack up the points and when you’re done, you better return the balls to the proper place or Pluto will bite you!

Rules of Play

The game originally came with a base clip that held it in an upright position. The instructions say to play the game while it is in a full upright position. I did this but found it a little hard as the balls would jam in the dock. I think having it is a slightly leaned position, as the definition of a bagatelle game states, would make for easier and smoother game play.

For a bigger example based on the Disneyland Resort, check out my earlier post entitled Disneyland Pinball Game by Wolverine Toy. By perhaps I should have called it ‘Disneyland Bagatelle Game by Wolverine Toy’. I have regrets.

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