Mickey and Minnie Mouse Slider Puzzle

Is it a just a puzzle, or a toy too? Maybe only your child can say for sure! This cute little plaything is a mystery. I can find no maker stamps or year of production for it other than the Walt Disney Productions copyright. This copyright was used from 1929 up to 1986. So this unique Slider Puzzle is no newer than the mid-1980’s.

From the artwork, it could be from the 1970’s or early 1980’s.

I’ll order the images in sequence from mixed to completed. See if you can guess what the final image will be. Ahem. There’s an obvious clue in the first image:

Guess Number One

Yes, I think we can all agree that it features Mickey and Minnie!

Guess Number Two

Is Mickey higher or lower than Minnie?

Guess Number Three

Okay, definitely lower. And as we slide the final pieces into position:

Boring, Uninformative, Back of the Puzzle

We take a break and look at the uninspiring back of the puzzle. Psyche!

Completed Puzzle

So this should come as no surprise to those of you who got the clue in the opening image! But it was fun getting here, right? More modern versions are currently selling for about $12.95 US a piece. The fun is still out there!

To see a more traditional Disney-themed puzzle, mint in the box, and featuring Mickey and Minnie (and Donald with Daisy) at Walt Disney World, check out this Vintage Jigsaw Puzzle by Whitman.

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