Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Baseball

So it’s Saturday and time for a friendly game of America’s favorite Pastime: Baseball. Even Mickey Mouse has an athletic side and is ready to play! Today’s game is to be hosted at Walt Disney World.

If you’re ready to go to bat and swing at the pitches, let’s play ball:

Batter Up

I’m pretty certain this was never game used. I don’t know just what game would have been played between whom, or where!

Mickey appears on the ball to give us some friendly tips to help us improve our game:

Always keep your eyes on the ball!

Feet should be spread shoulder width apart.”

I’m no expert, but those tips seem like good advice if you want to win the game. Whatever that game may be. Whomever it’s against. Wherever it’s being played.

Mickey Imprints

A nice feature of this baseball is the many subtle imprints of Mickey on the surface. Some of them contain more tips, although, they are hard to read. Here is the only one I could make out:

The feet are pointed straight to home base

I think there is at least one more full tip, but it is far too faded to make out. It is four lines long. Others are repeats of the two main tips featured in darker black with Mickey.

Disney Copyright

This bears the DISNEY copyright which means it could have been manufactured during almost any era of Disney merchandising. However, being as it was made in China, I surmise it was probably produced no earlier than the 1980’s.

Well, the bases are loaded and YOU are up at bat! The whole team, not to mention the entire crowd of fans, are depending on you for victory! So choose your bat and come out swinging! Who knows? If you hit a homerun, you may be the next Casey!

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2 Responses to Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Baseball

  1. Tex Hooper says:

    I love the stitching of the ball. My daughter wants some Mickey figurines. I’ll have to order some accessories online.

    • Dis-LEE says:

      It is a nice ball, for sure! Good luck with your search for Disney treasures for your daughter. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some good stuff. Thanks for commenting!

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